Teen General Assembly is a 3-Days leadership & cultural exchange program of “TEENNATION’ Africa’s network of teen social innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs.


Teenagers who are leaders from schools, NGOs, communities and other organizations; gather together to provide  forward-thinking solutions to shape their communities challenges. 


Amplify teenage contribution and solutions by providing the necessary platforms, mentoring and investment to enable their voices be heard, their work be seen, their contributions valued.


Question conventional thinking to inspire inter-generation based innovative and sustainable thinking to shape the future of Africa and its communities.

A Global Teen Leaders Network.

Young people are today. They are the pillars supporting the rise of Africa tomorrow. Teennation provides the relevant support in addition to skills, knowledge, and networks to create positive impact in communities around Africa. 

We have A space for change makers. Bringing together African teen leaders to positively contribute to their communities as well as grooming them towards leadership. 

Today, teenagers challenge how much progress has been made.

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Building A Future That Works
(Local solutions to Local challenges)

70% of Africa’s population is under the age of 25, this poses a possibly great opportunity yet also comes with its challenges.

The weight of responsibility on the shoulders of the young, the influence they also wield is unprecedented. However, in order for Africa to yield the dividends of the strength of it’s young, it must be willing to allow them Integrate not only their ideas but also their strengths, their voice and their power…Channelled appropriately, the results of teen iclusion is a lot to be desired and a tool for the future development of sustainable African communities.

It is not enough to ReDesign Africa’s narrative if we leave out the people that will sustain the frontiers of her nations. Let us ReIntegrate teenagers into the conversation and support them to Build a future that works…

We are the locals, we have the solutions. We are Africa!!

Mirabelle Morah
Editor-in-Chief of BlankPaperz | Deputy President, AYLF
Jefferson Kangacha.
CEO, The Eden Horticultural Hub | President - TEENNATION
Ikanna Okim
Founder, FingerPrints Group I Director of Legal - Teennation.

Join the people behind our success

Determined social entrepreneurs & innovators who have the tools, knowledge, and networks to create opportunities and transform their own communities.

Giving African Teenagers A Voice

Teen General Assembly works towards a collaborative vision of communities around Africa shaped by daring teenagers.

    Never has there been such weighty responsibility on the shoulders of young people. Never has there been the influence in the hands of young people like the influence they carry now. But for Africa to reap the dividends she has longed for, it is up to our generation to make sure that influence is channelled correctly and directed towards relevant issues that affect not only ourselves but generations after us. This can only be achieved if we come together as young people and begin to address the challenges before us as a continent.


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