Step by step guide: nThink about your audience: if you want to change people's minds about mental health, think about the person you're trying to persuade. What do you wish they knew about mental health? What do you think might persuade them to think differently? n nKeep it simple: your blog doesn't have to be an essay, in fact, the shorter the better. 500 words is the perfect amount. If you've got more to say, write a second post.n nTalk about your own experience: People aren't reading your story for facts and figures, or comprehensive information about statistics. They want to know about you, so write about what your experience of a mental health problem actually feels like, and what you wish people knew about it. n nConsider your boundaries: once your story is online, it's visible to anyone. So have a real think about what you're comfortable with people reading about you: you might want to talk about some parts of your experience, but not others. You can always write more later. If putting your name next to your story makes you feel uncomfortable, you can also publish it anonymously. n nPublish it: you can either submit it to Teennation for publication on our site, or skip the wait and publish it yourself. You can set up your own blog on Wordpress, or easily publish your writing on a site like Medium. Let us at Teennation know about it on social media, and share it with your friends, family and social media followers!
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