iHACKAfrica is a 2-day hackathon/start-up style event taking place during the Teen General Assembly where young people aged 13-19 will collaborate with mentors from the Tech community to develop tech start-ups that solve social problems in their local communities and region wide.

#iHACKAfrica2020 will unlock young people’s entrepreneurial potential by inspiring them to get creative with coding and digital technology, as well as attend masterclass workshops in digital marketing, branding, APIs, lean UX and Business Model Canvas



Why Hack Africa?

The future success and prosperity of the African economy increasingly depend on our ability to harness talent and to encourage the creativity and innovation of young people. Now more than ever young people need to know they matter and given the opportunity, they can change the world around them.

Technology has the potential to transcend all boundaries and connect young people across the world through creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, but most importantly, equip the next generation with the tools they need to solve the problems of tomorrow.As part of Teen General Assembly Week, PurplePatch Consults in partnership with Code2020 (CodeAfrica), FavCode54 (USA) and other tech partners is running a Mobile App Development hackathon, where young people aged 13-19 will collaborate with mentors from universities and local tech communities to develop Mobile App experiences that would help address social problems in their local communities and regionwide.

#iHACKAfrica2019 will bring together teens in technology for a 2-day extravaganza of problem-solving and inspiration using mobile app technology. Apart from tech and human-focused design, they will have gained skills in communication, delegation, adaptability – skills valued in any industry

PLACES FOR THIS HACK ARE LIMITED! (You MUST bring your own laptop!) STUDENTS – Bring your student ID

You will come out of the hackathon with the following:

1. You will meet the experts and entrepreneurs from Africa’s tech scene, who are innovating in Mobile App

2. You will meet other teens who are passionate about MAD

3. You will work with tech mentors and entrepreneurs and learn how to turn your ideas into a basic working version.

Things you will learn:

* How to decide which of your ideas are worth working on

* How to decide what features the user needs to get them from A to B

* How to sketch your ideas

* How to build your idea using rapid prototyping tools

* How to pitch your idea – you will pitch in front of some of Africa’s most innovative start-ups

* How will your idea make money – business models

* MAD courses: 1. Learning Mobile App Development, 2. Mobile App Design with Andriod & 3. Learning Mobile UI + UX

For further info please email hello@teenassembly.net

Employers across the region already identify inadequately skilled workforces as a major constraint to their businesses, including 41% of all firms in Tanzania, 30% in Kenya, 9% in South Africa and 6% in Nigeria. This pattern may get worse in the future. In South Africa alone, 39% of core skills required across occupations will be wholly different by 2020.
“The World Economic Forum Report”

It is believed that young people lack soft skills: ‘Nine in ten employers believe job-seekers should focus on soft skills just as much as their grades… Yet 60 per cent of young people think businesses only care about academic grades’ – Duke of Edinburgh, 2017

‘60% of managers claim the new graduates do not have the critical thinking and problem solving skills’ – Forbes, 2016

At Teennation we believe teenagers should be part of this technological transformation and have an opportunity to create technology alongside the most innovative minds and tech creators. We know that young people learn best when they are equipped with the right tools and environment that nurture their creativity.

  1. Fill the Teen General Assembly Registration form
  2. Email the details of the laptop you will be using for this competition (Name, Type)
  3. Look forward to a mail to attend TGA2019

NOTE: ONLY Delegates can join the Hackathon

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    Never has there been such weighty responsibility on the shoulders of young people. Never has there been the influence in the hands of young people like the influence they carry now. But for Africa to reap the dividends she has longed for, it is up to our generation to make sure that influence is channelled correctly and directed towards relevant issues that affect not only ourselves but generations after us. This can only be achieved if we come together as young people and begin to address the challenges before us as a continent.


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