Teen General Assembly 2020

The cultural exchange program of the Teennation Inc. the largest network of teen aged 13-19. We are an African- based organisation that converges teen leaders to provide them with the tools, knowledge, and networks to create opportunities and transform their own communities while grooming them towards leadership.

We hold an annual Assembly where the most influential teen leaders and talent from global and national organisations, NGOs, high schools, universities and other forward-thinking organisations come together to contest conventional thinking and promote innovative ideas, design and patterns on the issues, policies, reforms and leadership shaping the future of their nations. They are joined by African leaders, acting as the Teen General Assembly Mentors.

At the Assembly, delegates contest, innovate, formulate and share sustainable solutions for the pressing issues facing Africa.

The Teen General Assembly is the largest collaboration of teenagers with highly exceptional leadership abilities who are taking responsibility for improving their communities innovatively while acquiring the leadership skills that make them nation builders.

We believe that YOU are one of those teenagers, making a difference in your community and helping shape a more sustainable future for the generations to come. We will be happy to welcome you to the Teen Assembly please begin your application.

Excerpt from Community Fundraising Strategy Chart 
Adapted by Mimi Ho from “Choosing the Right Fundraising Strategy,” by Kim Klein & Stephanie Roth Strategy





Personal face-to-face solicitation

Meet with a prospective donor by prearranged appointment & ask for a contribution.

Prospect has ABCs:
Ability to give the amount you are asking
Belief in your work
Contact with the organization or person asking for money

50% say yes

Half will give less than the amount you asked for.

• To upgrade donors

• To bring in large gifts from qualified prospects

• To raise large amounts of money quickly

Start with people you know, at whatever level is appropriate for them.

Personal phone call

Caller knows the prospect. Makes call & asks for contribution over the phone.


• To upgrade donors, especially people at N5000 – N10,000 level to higher gift

• Work with thoughtful donors who can’t be visited easily

• Raise large amounts of money quickly

If it is hard to get donors to agree to face-to-face meeting, you might need to rely on a phone meeting.

Personal letter

Key difference from direct mail: there is a relationship between the person writing and the prospect.


• Low-key way for board, staff, or volunteers to ask friends & colleagues for gifts

• To get donors known to people in the organization to renew a gift

• Sometimes useful for upgrading

Further personal contact with donors either by phone or in a meeting after sending a letter is recommended, but a letter alone can also generate money.

Sample Letters

A Sample Fundraising Letter for Friends & Family
Here is a sample letter to use for a personal friend or family member. But we don’t recommend that you use this sample word-for-word! Fundraising letters are more sincere, and thus more successful, when they are personalized.

Dear Jane Doe,


I hope my letter finds you happy and healthy and that you are enjoying your summer holiday. Take this opportunity to provide an update on yourself and your family. For example, Our family is staying busy with our various jobs and summer program. I am finishing my semester and working hard to prepare for the Teen General Assembly (TGA), an annual gathering of hundreds of teenagers from around Africa who are working in their home communities to advance Africa and the’ Sustainable Development Goals. I’m writing to tell you a little about TGA and to let you know that I could really use your help with making this opportunity a reality. The TGA will be a wonderful chance for me to connect with others in my generation to share ideas and strategies about how to go about eliminating poverty, improving rights and access for girls and women, securing environmental sustainability, among other pressing issues of our day. As you know, these issues are especially important to me as… Take this opportunity to remind your friend or family member of a recent project you were part of that sought to advance one of the SDGs… I’m writing you to ask for help raising funds so that I can attend Teen Assembly, and bring the skills and relationships I develop while there back to our home.

I am passionate about Teen General Assembly, Africa, My community and the Sustainable Development Goals because I see so many ways in which they are not only globally relevant, but also locally relevant. In this paragraph, discuss the local relevance of Teen General Assembly and the SDGs and mention some of 13 the ways that you plan to apply the experience for the benefit of your community once you return. Teen General Assembly is an opportunity for a diverse group of teenagers, each coming from a different perspective with different experiences, to address some of the most important issues facing humanity. I know that Teen General Assembly will dramatically expand my ability to positively impact our world!

I have covered the application processing fee myself and have been accepted, Make sure to mention ways in which you have made personal investments (of time or money) to make TGA a reality for yourself, but I still need to cover my airfare and delegate package. Would you be willing to support my effort to attend Teen General Assembly and apply the experience back home in name your countrywith a donation of N5000 or more? I understand that times are tight and would greatly appreciate whatever you can contribute to help me attend. You can donate by writing a check either to me or to Teennation, the organization running the Teen Assembly, with a note that it is to be applied to the remaining balance for my application.

Thank you so much for taking time to read this, Jane Doe, and I hope you consider supporting me and Teen General Assembly this upcoming August. Have a great summer and hope to see you soon!


A Sample Letter to an Institution (school, business, non-governmental organization, etc.)
You can use this sample text to get an idea of the difference between a personal and a professional fundraising letter.

You will want to use the person’s name, not “To Whom It May Concern.”

Dear Ms. Remi,

Use the first paragraph to establish your connection to this person and to the school. If you know this person personally, give some information to remind him/her who you are. If not, introduce yourself. Be friendly!


My name is Jane Doe and I’m a student/recent graduate of your schools name. We met last year through Career Services. Thank you so much for your advice and direction – it has really helped guide me through my first year out of college.

Use the second paragraph to explain the Teen Assembly: why you feel it’s necessary for you to go, how it is relevant to you, what you hope to gain from it, etc.

I have recently been presented with an exciting opportunity, the Teen General Assembly (TGA), an annual gathering of hundreds of Teen agers from around Africa who are working in their home communities to advance the African Nations’ and Sustainable Development Goals. TGA will be a wonderful chance for me to connect with others in my generation to share ideas and strategies about how to go about eliminating poverty, improving rights and access for girls and women, securing environmental sustainability, among other pressing issues of our day.

Use the next paragraph to make a clear ask to this person for financial assistance or for any other relevant assistance. Make this ask boldly and up front. You can follow up by explaining why you need some support.

This is where I need your help. In order to attend Teen Assembly, I must raise NXX by DATE to cover my package. You can find a more detailed budget attached. I have already invested much time and money into the process and I’m now looking for funding partners to help me get the rest of the way there. Could the Career Services Office provide all or part of this amount?

Use this part to explain why supporting you to go here is a good idea for them. Whether or not they get a tangible benefit out of sending you there and having you come back with all these skills to ready to set up your local program, they might also enjoy some of the feel good aspects of supporting your cause. Does helping students get these kinds of opportunities connect with their values in some way?

I hoped the Career Services Office might have funds available for student leadership development, and that it would be interested in supporting me in my effort. I know that the skills and relationships I will develop at Teen General Assembly will greatly expand my ability to effect innovative change on this campus and in my community. I see it as an opportunity to link my local efforts to advance the Sustainable Development Goals with broader, global efforts. Please consider supporting me in my effort to attend Teen Assembly!

Use this part to explain how they can go about helping you. Give them information about how to send money to you, or ask them to get in touch with you to arrange this part.

If you are interested in donating, or can help me get to this gathering in any way, please email me and I will be happy to work out the details.

Use this part as a closing, being sure to thank the reader(s) for their time.

After I return from Teen Assembly, I hope to continue to build on this relationship between my work and yours. Would you like to meet to discuss our ideas and share some of yours? I would love to hear your feedback! Thank you very much for your time, and I hope to hear back from you soon!

Marcie Smith

If your letter has gotten lengthy, it might be a great idea to offer a “P.S.” one-sentence recap of what you need from them and by when or some other small tidbit of information. Be sure to also include your contact information in the letter, either at the top or bottom.

Donations & Other Details

Many donors will want to know if their donation is tax-deductible. Laws and regulations governing tax-deductibility will vary from country to country, so you will need to investigate this on your own. If it is possible, you should create a separate bank account into which you can deposit your donations, for both transparency and organization.

Expressing gratitude is a critical step in the fundraising process. A short thank you note is often the best way to do this. Kim Klein recommends the practice of “Thank Before You Bank” – write and send your thank you note before depositing the donation – as a way to ensure that expressing gratitude doesn’t slip your mind.

What do I do if I don’t raise enough money? 
Sometimes after doing an assessment of financial need, it is clear that the potential funding sources at your disposal are not sufficient to cover your costs. First, consider possible ways to cut or eliminate different costs. It might be necessary to reevaluate your plans, either giving yourself more time to fundraise (aiming to attend the following Teen Assembly) or considering a different program.

What do I do if I raise too much money? 
You have not dreamed big enough! You may be better at this than you think! There may be more support for your participation in Teen General Assembly than you thought! If you find yourself with extra funding, you could use it to extend your work with the TGA: take the longer accommodations package including the weekend networking and volunteer time before or after the TGA. You may use part of the excess funds to expand or report back sessions when you return, bringing all of your donors together to remind them that your Teen General Assembly experience was a community, as well as individual, achievement. Another option is to put the money back into your community, by donating it to a local organization that is doing valuable work on the ground to advance the Development of Africa and SDGs.

Visa Requirements:

Applicants who are based outside of Nigeria are responsible for obtaining their own visa to travel to Nigeria. Please note that the organizer’s responsibility is limited only to supplying the invitation letter to the event. Teennation is not affiliated with NIgerian embassies and has no ability to influence the embassies’ decisions on applicant visas.

If you need to apply for a Nigeria visa to attend the event, you will receive an invitation letter. Please note that this letter does not serve as your official admission letter, nor guarantee acceptance of your Nigeria visa application.

Once your visa application is granted by an embassy, you must notify us on or before May 11, 2019. If you are not able to obtain your visa by first attempt, we suggest that you reassess your application requirements to see if there are any insufficient documents and decide whether you wish to apply again. Unfortunately, we are unable to make any refunds in the case that visa is not granted, as processing your application, registration, and document issuance entail administrative costs.

    Never has there been such weighty responsibility on the shoulders of young people. Never has there been the influence in the hands of young people like the influence they carry now. But for Africa to reap the dividends she has longed for, it is up to our generation to make sure that influence is channelled correctly and directed towards relevant issues that affect not only ourselves but generations after us. This can only be achieved if we come together as young people and begin to address the challenges before us as a continent.


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